Wideboy Generation

Where the hope of prosperity is fading into a dream of the past, where the young are being increasingly shut out of opportunity and the word austerity is peddled by crooked politicians and their banker cronies, Wideboy Generation is the socially conscious, fun-loving party posse giving a voice to the disenfranchised youth of today. Guitarist and vocalist Joe, bassist and vocalist Aidan, and drummer Jamie, credit poverty and the resulting boredom for lighting their creative fires and having only formed the band a year ago, this trio of 20 year olds from Hertfordshire and Essex are clearly making the most of their situation.

Produced and engineered by the legendary John Cornfield (Muse, Oasis, Stone Roses), their EP ‘No Time To Be Shy’ is set to be released on August 6th, 2012. Their debut single ‘Looters!’, was released earlier this year as a free mp3 download and racked up 41,000 views on YouTube. The hype kept building and soon after, they released their single ‘Sylvia’  which generated over 87,000 YouTube views. The single received radio play in the UK, Germany, the US and Portugal, with the group described as “one of the most exciting bands at the moment!”

Their music is as sharp witted as their name suggests and though their initial singles have drawn critical comparisons to the likes of The Jam, Buzzcocks and Green Day, the band’s unique take on rock and roll isn’t that easily pinned down. ‘No Time To Be Shy’ showcases a band with a keen rock and roll savvy, a band with a fresh take on anthemic, fun-loving punk oriented jams, a band with a tongue in cheek sense of humour that captures the zeitgeist perfectly.

Kicking off with dates-for-mates in local pubs, Wideboy have swiftly progressed to selling out key venues such as the Barfly in Camden. They headlined the 100 Club in May and are scheduled to play the London Lexington and the Leeds Cockpit among other top venues throughout the UK in 2012. Wideboy’s live gigs are fast-becoming legendary for their killer party vibes and considering the speed at which they’ve progressed thus far, it’s not going to be a long before Wideboy are the voice of a generation.

Website: http://www.wideboygeneration.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wideboygenerationuk
Twitter: @wideboygen


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