Formed by Tom Watson and his younger brother, guitarist Jack, Sondura have the songs, the sound and the dedication to become the next big British rock band of the 21st century. Propelled furiously along by the air-tight rhythm section of bassist Steve Dillon and drummer Fred Green, the London-based quartet have struck upon a uniquely powerful and accessible signature sound that combines the crushing, belligerent sonic might of Black Album-era Metallica with the incisive radio-friendly sensibilities of Enter Shikari and the edgy verve of Hundred Reasons; a fresh and invigorating collision of styles, custom-built to send Sondura the name means hard sound – rocketing from the enervating slog of the UK toilet circuit to the realms of bona fide rock stardom.

The UK’s hardest working rock collective are releasing their previously YouTube exclusive song for the anthemic ‘You Remain’ as the first single for their upcoming album to be recorded later this year with Matt Bond (Bullet For My Valentine, Dirty Youth, While She Sleeps) at the now legendary Nott-in Pill studio. The song represents a new chapter for the band, one focused on a more mature songwriting approach and an increasingly dynamic sound.


‘You Remain’ video:


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