Life ain’t easy.

That’s why we have music. Through rhythms, melodies, beats and words we’re able to express our joys and lament our sorrows, escape the mundane and take solace in creativity. If there’s any one genre of music that’s connected to articulating the vast spectrum of human emotion and experience it’s the blues. People like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters spoke volumes with their instruments, channelling everything from elation to depression with their playing. It isn’t an easy task to convey the human condition and you wouldn’t expect a bunch of lads all under the age of 25 to be able to diffuse these depths but Manchester natives Snakewater all are able to conduct and command the complexity of emotion with the panache of players twice their age. Their debut effort, ‘A New Breed’ showcases a band beyond their years, with the echoes of their roots resonating in every note but with a fresh approach to song-writing that only youth can bring. Produced by rock maverick Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen), they’re rekindling fire of British blues rock from Cream and Clapton to the rock leanings of Page and Zepplin.

Since their inception in 2009, Snakewater have shared the stage with the legendary likes of The Quireboys, Dr Feelgood, Oli Brown, and Henrik Freischlader and have even acquired accolades from blues icon Joe Bonamassa. On top of that, guitarist and vocalist Bobby Grant was nominated for “Young Artist of the Year” at the 2011 British Blues Awards. Rounded out by Ben Streets on the sticks and Benjamin Edwards on bass, their energetic and enthralling live performances have gained them a solid following amongst blues fans the country over, but it’s a lifelong passion and an unwavering work ethic that’s really paying off. They’re a band committed to doing it the old fashioned way: endless hours of practice, playing and jamming on any gig they can get, hitting the road on a makeshift budget, sleeping on floors, scarcely eating, or in other words, sticking to that DIY spirit that’s been at the heart of any accomplished act through the ages. Considering it’s only been a few years and they’ve already made it this far, the band is far beyond poised to take the blues world by storm and show all the old cats that a new generation is ready to make it happen.


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