Reptile Youth

In an age defined by conflict and collective malaise, articulate and artistic responses to the greed and war characterising our reality, to the self-destructive and paradoxical nature of modernity, have been sorely lacking. In a society content to be lazy and ignorant, Reptile Youth is the riot, the dream and what the 21st century revolutionaries have been waiting for.

Their debut full length, produced by David M. Allen (The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy) and Marc Ralph (Hot Chip) is inspired by the schizophrenia of life and the human condition, by their relentless drive towards creation and expression. Their fearless experimentalism sees them as leaders of an electronic punk revival, creating a disorienting complexity in their music that’s still fun-loving and danceable. Their Dadaist approach to song-writing, and indeed to life, rejects the reason and logic of traditional structure and melody, highlighting the inexhaustible imagination of vocalist Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and bassist Esben Valløe.

Initially working under the moniker Reptile and Retard, unwilling and uninterested in towing the line of status quo, they decided to launch their live attack in China, their first gig taking place at a club in Shanghai. This was followed by two years of extensive touring in Europe, playing everywhere from small punk clubs to festivals like Roskilde and Iceland Airwaves. All this without one single release. Though they’re certainly not a band content to rest on their laurels, their rapid rise saw them share the stage with the likes of The Rapture, Is Tropical, and S.C.U.M, but to name a few. With no plans on resting any time soon, it’s best to keep an eye on Reptile Youth and better yet, join them for the revolution.

“Without a guitar in sight, Reptile and Retard produced the most rock and roll show we’ve seen in a long time.” – Clash Music

“With their police scuffles and vigorous, almost nihilistic live sets, this might be one new artist worthy of the old and overused ‘rawk’ cliché tag.” – Glasswerk

“An instant dance floor hit.” – Purple Sneakers


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