One Soul Thrust


It’s not everyday someone as iconic as Michael Moore gets in touch to offer both praise and advice. We’re talking about a guy who has worked with every major label, a guy who was the genius behind the marketing of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Ozzy’s Bark At The Moon, and a guy who has taken 140 songs to #1. Let’s not forget he is credited with co-discovering Stevie Ray Vaughn. So when Moore contacted One Soul Thrust singer and songwriter Salem Jones, it was undoubtedly obvious that the passion she and the rest of the band had invested was paying off. At the very least, they were on to something.

Their first album ‘1ST’ which was released in June 2010 gained quite a bit of attention, and not only because they were able to enlist Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes for a guest appearance. It was a fresh take on classic rock and roll, and an elaboration on the emotionally charged originality of Heart. Unwilling to slow down and wanting to show the world they didn’t need other people’s big names to make their own, they planned to jump straight back into the studio for August 2010. But while they were ultimately unable to make it happen, the band pushed forward, overcoming the odds and severe stress, finally able to record in April 2011. And this work horse attitude wasn’t about to abate. When filming the video for their single ‘We Gotta Change’ they endured sub zero temperatures while clocking in over 40 hours in just two days. To say that they were determined would be nothing short of an understatement when it comes to One Soul Thrust.

Now, with the fruits of their labours coming to life as their second full-length powerhouse ‘Know One Knows’, Salem, drummer Todd Pretty, guitarist Jag Mollerup and bassist Anna Portalupi are all poised to move to the next level. As Michael Moore said, their music is real, and over the course of ‘Know One Knows, their honesty and their drive shines through.


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