Having worked together for over a decade, Drew Wale and Leigh Alexandra have come a long way since their days writing bubble gum pop punk. Though it’s been a bit of a revolving door as far as collaborators, their passion for progress has kept them busy perfecting their craft and their undeniable chemistry has remained in tact.

Their accessible sound could be likened to Paramore but that hardly comes close to doing their sophisticated pop savy justice. They’re a band with a maturity and intelligence that evades most of today’s biggest acts and their approach to riffing has more in common with classic-rock than it does with teenie bopper pieces. It’s catchy without sounding contrived, emotive but not whiny, vulnerable yet confident. Leigh certainly wears her heart on her sleeve, but uses her unique voice and wide range to deliver the goods with sass and style.

Co-produced with Frankie Torpey, (Kids Can’t Fly, Blitz Kids, Vendettas) their forthcoming EP ‘Fight Of Your Life’ is an invigorating pop rock triumph and an ideal testament to the band’s shrewd song-writing abilities and undeniable charm. Having already played to crowds well over a thousand with the likes of Bowling for Soup, Son of Dork, and Army of Freshmen, Kissimmee are more than adequately prepared for the big leagues, the kind of company they’re sure to joining this year.

The band have made ‘The Cure’ from their forthcoming EP available for free download via their website

Twitter: @KissimmeeRock

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