Fluorescent Hearts

With just over a year as a functioning unit, Fluorescent Hearts have been lighting up the streets and some of the biggest venues in Glasgow with a radiance that has seen them amass a new legions of devotees every time the first chord is struck. Eager to get their music to these masses, they’re already set to release their debut album Anthem on the 21st September, an infectious and soaring pop triumph poised to make even the snobbiest of music connoisseurs do a double take.

What sets Fluorescent Hearts apart from the sappy pop peddlers inundating the airwaves, is their unabashed love of a kaleidoscopic array of music and their ability to incorporate these influences into a sound that belongs solely to them. Beginning with a childhood love of pop punk and grunge, they maintain their rock roots but sway towards taking a perfect demographic of One Republic’s intricately textured yet song savy composition and Savage Garden’s timeless vocal melodies and sugary sweet instrumentation, singing about love and life, drumming up familiar emotions anyone can relate to. There is always the danger of treading into spit-polished corporate pop territory with these types but they maintain their integrity with a palpable versatility and a completely unique identity.

Recorded with renowned producer Stuart MacLeod (Amy Macdonald, The Dykeenies, Miniature Dinosaurs) at Beetroot Studios and mastered by Darius Van Helfteren (Radiohead, Michael Jackson, hit TV series ‘Glee’), the first single  ‘Tell Her You Love Her’ was debuted on Jim Gellatly’s popular radio show and has been steadily racking up plays and YouTube hits ever since. With a laudable dedication to their art and the catchy tunes to match, you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow you’ll be hearing a lot more from Fluorescent Hearts.


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