With over two decades of solo experimentation and exploration to his credit, Simon Scardanelli decided it was time to challenge himself with other artists once again, hand-picking quite possibly one of the best trained bands in music for his latest endeavor, Dr Scardo. A unique foray into the wide world of alternative rock, their extremely diverse backgrounds in jazz, rock, and nearly every other space in the sonic spectrum make for a band unhindered by the genre’s traditional boundaries, unwilling to stick to any pre-existing formula. Every member of Dr Scardo have made music their lives and to say the least, it’s been one hell of a ride.

As one half of Brit-Canadian duo Big Bam Boo, Simon Scardanelli blasted into the top 40 charts with the hits ‘Fell Off A Mountain’ and ‘Shooting From My Heart’ in 1989. They would go on to play with luminaries Dire Straits, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Hothouse Flowers, amongst others before moving to New York in the early nineties. Scardanelli then made the decision to distance himself from the popular music scene for over 10 years to pursue a doctorate in musical composition while working as a liquor runner at the infamous Save The Robots, returning with solo albums in 2005 and 2007. Since then he’s extended his creative reach even further with stints composing installation works for art events and completing scores for experimental films.

Teaming up with Brighton based musicians Si Early on keyboards, James Stathatos on bass and Alvaro Hurtado on drums, Dr Scardo came to life with the mandate of writing original material and combining their individual talents into a modern take on alternative rock. Their debut effort ‘End Of The World’ lives up to expectations, teeming with the highest caliber of musicianship and catchy songs to boot. Stock your bunkers and count your blessings, the countdown to ‘End Of The World’ has begun.

Their first single ‘Leave Us Alone’, is a perfect testament to their seemingly limitless range of inspiration and their distinct take on alternative rock. Not to mention it’s an infectious hit destined to make waves.

You can watch the video on YouTube here:



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