Death By Orchestra

Beginning the next chapter on progressive rock by ditching the plot entirely, Death By Orchestra have emerged from the Midlands to pen one of the most innovative and visionary soundscapes to surface in recent memory. Their debut EP ‘The Stars Aligned And Created A Monster’, released on Vivarepublik, has already gained high commendations from industry stalwart Classic Rock presents: Prog and has added to their already huge underground local following. It’s evocative in its moodiness, striking a delicate balance while unearthing the darker aspects of the human psyche, of love and loss. It’s emotional without being whiny, foreboding without being bleak, poetic without being pretentious. Unwilling and unable to tow the status quo, they’ve shied away from the traditional laborious progressive approach choosing instead to harness their top-notch musicianship and melodies in catchy, accessible songs.

Having previously worked with Pitchshifter alumni Johnny Carter, the band decided to take on the massive task of recording this album themselves, only enlisting Stu Vallans of Death of Thieves during the mixing process. From the almost industrial and entirely forward thinking stand-out single ‘For You No Tomorrow’ to the emotionally powered and pained classic rock of ‘She Dances with Fire’ and the other-worldly and inspired croon of ‘Delirium Tremens’, listeners will be captured by their originality and song-writing prowess. ‘The Stars Aligned And Created A Monster’ is a self-made triumph showcasing a band who have already broken the mould and are now ready to break the ranks of the progressive rock elite.

‘For You No Tomorrow’ Video:



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