After delivering an electric, energetic and critically acclaimed performance at last year’s Download Festival, Belligerence have just unleashed their 5 track EP upon an ever-growing fan base and an unsuspecting public. Produced by Justin Hill (SikTh, Smoking Hearts, Rise To Remain, Malefice) ‘Now Here’s Your Secret’ and the anthemic first track ‘Martyrs’, has already gained a buzz as a sure-fire hit maker and showcases a band with renewed confidence, one that’s found their own unique voice in the often over-saturated world of metal.

Originally formed in 2008 by Tim Brock (Vocals) and David Harvey (Guitar), Belligerence added the talents of Craig Copland (Bass) and Lee Barrett (Drums) vowing from the outset that they’d be kicking ass and taking names. They immediately made a stir with their unique approach to metal, combining a heavy groove-oriented riffing of bands like Lamb Of God with the overtly aggressive blues sensibilities of Down and more modern rock approach of Life Of Agony. Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Big Cheese and PowerPlay were all quick to pick up on ‘Remember Who Put You There’, delivering rave reviews while tracks got played on the Radio 1 Rock Show and Tom Robinson Introduces on Radio 6. This earned them spots on Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell and Download and the excitement surrounding the band has continued growing ever since.

‘Now Here’s Your Secret’ tells the story of personal discovery through the search for one’s past; the hope, the disappointment, the emotional turmoil that inevitably results from any individual’s quest for truth. All five tracks articulate this journey deploying headbanging hooks, thoughtful and captivating leads, blazing solos, and more than their share of balls-out attitude. Appealing to fans from across the metal spectrum, with a record this unique Belligerence aren’t going to have many secrets for long.




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