Lizette Lizette

Artist DJ Producer

The stunning singer Lizette has been producing and writing all her own material since graduating. ‘I’m designing my own band and my own music’. She describes herself as incredibly spiritual and spent a long time working to develop her own unique sound.

After three years of music studies, Lizette began her career as a member in the electro band The New Heaven Dieppe . The musicianAndy A. had called her up right on time, just when she wondered how to start her career up. Sleeping with people in the music business had not been a major success. And going on national TV hadn’t exactly either. Things went pretty fast the first six months. The band got signed to the booking company The Agency Group and got distribution from Border Music. The 5th of November 2008 the band released their first EP; The New Heaven Dieppe . The release party was held at Obaren, Stockholm and shortly after the release TNHD went to England for a small club tour.

The next year contained a lot of club gigs around Stockholm and they started to work on their first album. At the same time Lizette started to study Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute, she really wanted to have a deeper knowledge in music production. The 24th of March 2010, they finally released the debut album Melancholy Eyes and had the release party at the hair salon SureBabyYes. Rodeo Magazine was there to document the big day.

Before becoming a solo artist, Lizette was the singer in Andy A’s new music project ‘The New Heaven Dieppe’.  After learning a lot from the music industry she decided to pursue her solo career. During this time people started to request her to DJ, and she is now known as ‘Stockholm’s 90’s DJ.


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