Why are we at Decade PR any different from the other Excel sheet peddling, office-dwelling, out-of-touch industry schmucks in the game? Well, for starters, we’ve had experience in virtually every sector of the music industry: between us we’ve been involved in band management, running labels/distros, advertising sales, music journalism, gig/tour booking and promotion, festival management, radio and online television presenting… hell, we’ve even got actual musicians amongst our ranks. We’re die-hard music fans who have spent years passionately promoting the music we believe in, cultivating excellent relationships and amassing an extensive set of media contacts. We’ve got a broad range of expertise in rock, metal, punk, hardcore, hip hop, indie and all the various sub-genres there of. We can tailor any campaign to your budget and individual needs, working towards developing a custom innovative campaign for each and every artist; you won’t be just another account number with this lot.

The wide range of services we offer reflects this extensive experience: generating online and print promotion, radio and TV publicity, developing social media strategies (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. management), band management, band/brand development, event promotions, tour booking, securing distribution. Signed or Unsigned, we put our all behind every campaign we take on. Don’t forget, you’re dealing not only with PR folk, but actual music fans.

Considering the artists we’ve worked with, the kind of success Quite Great Music PR has had in the past speaks for itself. We’ve counted the likes Faith No More, Metallica, KISS and Queensryche, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Hall and Oates, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sister Sledge, The Temptations, Ella Fitzgerald, BB King, Nina Simone – but to name-drop a few – as clients.

Put simply – Decade PR/Quite Great Music PR South are perfectly placed to deliver effective, comprehensive, headline-grabbing publicity. Whatever you’re looking for in a PR campaign, we know we can deliver the goods.


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