Darryl Nash expresses colour in sound with debut album ‘Love Sick’

Darryl Nash’s debut album ‘Love Sick’ explores the questions of how to treat a broken heart condition and is both sonically colourful and philosophically inquisitive.


Having earned a positive response and support from BBC Introducing South, Darryl Nash is a phenomenal young artist who is about to release an album that takes up the question of whether a broken heart could ever be classified as a serious medical condition. Apart from digging into the depths of love psychology, the multifaceted songwriter has written songs about events that shake up the history of our world, including present day war in the middle east stories  about London’s Jack The Ripper in 1800, especially in tracks like the dynamic and captivating ‘The Murder Chain’.

‘The Murder Chain is a cracking track! ‘ – Melita Dennet (BBC Introducing South)

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/darryl-nash-official/the-murder-chain

Watch the music video here: https://vimeo.com/160921771

Listen to Darryls solo track ‘Chemical Brothers’ here: https://soundcloud.com/darryl-nash-official/chemical-brothers

Taking inspiration from an eclectic mixture of artists ranging from Lady Gaga to Gary Barlow, Bloc Party or Grimes, the musician is as keen in experimenting with sounds as he is using visual arts as part of his performance. To him, both music and art are ways of telling stories and expressing his emotions: “When I say art, for me, I spray, paint and burn musical instruments to express emotion in colour. I feel that the coloured instruments that I play catch people’s attention and work well with the music I create.”

Having been passionate about music from an early age on, Darryl formed his first band as early as infant school and remembers: “There used to be a guy called Pau who used to bully me and a friend of mine. When the Green Day’s ‘American Idiot album was released we started an air band at the back of the playground and Pau and I argued about who was going to be the drummer.” The role was eventually taken up by Darryl himself who went home and convinced his mum to buy him his first drum kit. During Junior School, Darryl joined the local church choir and he recorded his first EP when he was only 13 which he promoted himself by playing local shows.

At that time, he also succeeded in getting a place at BIMM Brighton for further musical studies. He also took part in the ‘Metal Hammer’ summer school where he was able to play on stage with the likes of Skindred, Radio Alcatraz and James Hester (played for Lily Allen and Tom Robinson’s live sessions).

As a DIY pro he writes, records and produces all his songs himself. Next to his work as a solo artist, he is also currently playing in a band with Glastonbury punk rocker Peter Wallis.

With his upcoming album, Darryl is touching upon the experience of love sicknesses and provokes the question whether this could actually be classified legitimately as an illness: “As you know, people do say ‘People die of a broken heart.’”

The Album ‘Love Sick’ is out on 6th May 2016.

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM ‘LOVE SICK’ HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/darryl_nash_Love_Sick?id=Blpqbrm4uipbq5tqd373m4urvii






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