Kay Kumar is freshening up the hip hop scene with powerful bilingual rap song ‘SVDS’

Kay Kumar 18_pp

Born in Gwalior, India and raised in Birmingham, British/Indian Kay Kumar has had a multicultural upbringing which he now impeccably translates into his musical open mindedness. He likes to challenge himself and dive into adventures. After describing his first journey to Morocco as an experience which allowed him to witness “some of the most beautiful and some of the most horrific things” he has ever seen in his life, he is now planning on returning to the country for the video shoot of his second single ‘Belly Shake’.

Kay’s aspirations have led to TV appearances, numerous shows and his songs being played on mainstream radio stations in various countries. He is keen on continuing his international approach and work with different artists all over the world. His work ethic and talent suggest bigger things to come and it probably won’t be long until we hear of Kay Kumar’s nomination for a music award as best new artist.

Music website Streets Talkin summed up the result: “The video is breathtaking, his talent obvious, and the combination of English and French worth the listen.”

The single ‘SVDS’ is out on 26th February 2016





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