Goldbringer’s debut album is a sonic triumph

‘Telling The Truth’ is out now


Goldbringer are an exciting outfit from the secluded depths of south Wales. The brain child of Ben ‘Bone’ Honebone, Goldbringer was originally a side project which allowed Ben to express his creative urges whilst allowing him to front other Welsh bands. After releasing two stellar EPs entitled ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Play’ in 2007 and 2009 respectively, Ben joined forces with percussionist and composer Wayne Absalom. The creative partnership propelled Goldbringer’s sound on to a new plane, forming a dialogue between both rock and classical styles.

Citing influences ranging from Muse to Steve Wilson, Goldbringer creates a bespoke, individual sound with a huge scope. The mixture of a strong sonic palette and tasteful lyrics allows Goldbringer to appeal to a variety of differing audiences.

Ben also works in collaboration with other artists in creating his own branding and media content. This holistic approach to the arts in creating his own musical landscape makes for exciting results, and Goldbringer’s flexible approach has not gone unnoticed in the regional press.

Goldbringer are set to release a stunning 12 track album entitled ‘Telling The Truth’ featuring lead track ‘Humour Me’. Described as an “ambitious and epic” with “eclectic time signatures interweaving irresistible hooks and haunting vocal melodies to create a unique musical experience” the album is a cohesive amalgamation of everything Goldbringer has come to represent.   Ultimately ‘Telling The Truth’ is told cleanly, purely, and without compromise to the musical integrity of the project, highlighting elements of social commentary and emotional interaction.

‘Telling The Truth’ is available now.

Watch the video for ‘Humour Me’ here:



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