Lorde on fame: ‘With any transition you do lose people, which is sad’

Songstress Lorde has revealed that fame changes the people around you and she has had to deal with ‘losing’ people from her life over the last couple of years.

Talking to Dazed magazine recently, the ‘Team’ sensation explained that it is hard to see people’s true colours come out when you become successfuland they either see an opportunity to gain something from you or become wary of the situation unfolding before them, but she’s handling it well:

“With any transition you do lose people, which is sad, but some people don’t want to deal with what you’re doing or it freaks them out a bit. So there are people I’m not as close to now, but I still roll deep with my original dudes so it’s good.”

As previously reported, Lorde also admitted that she ‘forgot she had a career’ after taking the last few months off to enjoy her life: “I had three months off. It was summer in New Zealand and I just went on all these road trips and did heaps of rock walking. I found the best dive spots, did some great fishing and saw some orca whales. It was amazing. Just lying in the ocean in front of my house and being like, ‘Life!'”

Watch a promo for Lorde’s Dazed interview here:


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