‘Enduring Days You Will Overcome’ – ELECTRIC LITANY

When Alan Parsons – renowned songwriter, musician and engineer for the likes of The Beatles (‘Let It Be’, ‘Abbey Road’) and Pink Floyd (‘Dark Side of the Moon’) – says a band could be ‘the next Radiohead’, then that band is a band who are worthy of taking seriously.


You can get a feel for the album from the track ‘Silence’:

Having already toured with or supported the likes of Interpol, Alan Parsons, British Sea Power and soon Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, most of whom they now count among their ever growing and dedicated fan base, it’s very easy to see Electric Litany breaking out of their cult status to mainstream success very soon.

In fact, they impressed the aforementioned Alan Parsons so much that he and co-producer John Regna agreed to work on the album personally – such is their belief in this group. And, with a huge gig alongside the Prodigy coming up on 4th July, it’s set to be a huge couple of months for the band.

Powered by a love for writing great songs as well as a strong social conscience, Electric Litany are teetering on the edge of something very special this year. Don’t take it from us – take it from the critics.





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