Accents Release Mini-Album – ‘Small Tales’


Indie folk-rock trio Accents is back with Small Tales, an aptly titled mini-album featuring Down Down Down and the follow-up to their March 2014 full-length Tall Tales. Whether it’s a couple figuring out how to get past their own personal insecurities on Down Down Down, a middle-aged man longing for his youth but realizing he has to let go on Settle Down Instead or choosing to ignore the existential questions about what may or may not be after this life on For Now, the message is simple: time flies, take nothing for granted. Leave your worries in the ground and you can join them when you’re good and ready. Accents came out of nowhere in 2012 with an astonishingly mature debut. Small Tales is no less of an achievement, cementing Accent’s position in the overall indie rock lineup and solidifying “indie folk” as both a mindset and a sound. This record will hit you hard. (DER-561)

An indie-folk masterpiece. Extraordinarily creative, completely sincere. Brilliant.” – Heavy Petal

For Fans Of: Mumford & Sons, Papermoons, Lumineers, Fleet Foxes, Noah And The Whale, Bon Iver, Beirut


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