The Dirt Tracks Reveal Three-In-One Track ‘Kaleidoscope’

Following the success of their recent EP releases, Spanish five-piece The Dirt Tracks have announced their pioneering new single ‘Kaleidoscope’.
With the band establishing themselves on the European indie scene – having played gigs throughout much of Spain, the UK and Germany, and releasing two EP’s in the process – they have built a growing, loyal fanbase. Honing their sound across the space of some 50 gigs and 3 international tours, the band has landed upon a distinctly melodic, lo-fi indie sound. Evoking a range of influences through their music, the band has received comparisons with acts such as Radiohead, The Strokes and Wild Beasts. The interweaving guitar lines and vocal melodies pay testament to this, whilst the solid rhythm section provide the room for these sections to flourish.
Now looking towards their debut album, the band has announced ‘Kaleidoscope’ as the first single from this. Produced by David Giménez Valiente and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton, the ambitious track blends two song ideas into one. Panning each half on respective sides, the two songs combine to form an entirely new listening experience. The results are quite stunning. With vocals and drum beats which work in reply to one another, and deft guitar lines neatly blending. An uplifting feel is achieved as the song builds to include a string and xylophone section.
This inspired creation from the band is a clear step up for the group. It certainly creates anticipation around their album release as their work begins to come to fruition.
‘Kaleidoscope’ is released on August 5th.


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