Berenice Scott – Stunning single ‘Walls Cave In’ out now

Berenice Scott SmallWith a new album set for release later this year, Berenice Scott released her first single ‘Walls Cave In’ on May 27th. Set against a varied backdrop including the urban, suburban and rural sceneries of Portugal, London, a Chapel in Leicestershire and the deep countryside of Suffolk – the album is a blend of genres, cinematic ideas and writing styles recorded with an array of talented musicians and contemporaries.


‘Walls Cave In’ is a beautifully contemplative song that calls to mind the likes of Sarah McLachlan. A piano led pop tune with jazzy vocal and guitar line for extra flavour, ‘Walls Cave In’ has a light touch and a chorus refrain that seeps further under your skin with each listen.


An eclectic childhood saw Berenice travel the world from very young. Her parents are musicians and artists and Berenice was fortunate to experience many different musical worlds and much of her childhood was spent tagging along with her father to studios around the globe. Soaking up this atmosphere, school work was often done tucked away in a corner during late night studio sessions.


The family travels and habitats ranged from the Paris Punk scene, The Temples of Tokyo, to the African rhythms of Mombasa; each environment fuelling Berenice’s love & interest in music.


You can see the video for ‘Walls Cave In’ here:



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