Upcoming Ghanaian Singer Q.ra Reveals New Single ‘Beauty and The Beast’

IMG-20130426-WA000‘Beauty and The Beast’ is the breathtaking new single from Cura Johnson, aka Q.ra – the UK based Ghanaian urban singer.

Born and raised in Ghana, where Q.ra received much of her musical inspiration, she relocated to the United Kingdom in 2009. Since the move, Q.ra has worked extensively on her music and has developed at a rapid rate. Presently reading Law at the University of Bedfordshire, Q.ra has been extending her name as an artist in between studies.

Releasing her debut single, ‘Power’, back in 2012, the song received a great response online and sparked many positive reviews. Putting Q.ra firmly on the map, it announced her music to the world. Her new video for the single ‘Beauty and the Beast’ continues this rise to success and clearly marks her as an artist to watch out for. A simple, creative and classic song, it features fellow Ghanaian Bils Rayoe, who contributes his lyrical flow to the work. Only the second single off Q.ra’s self-titled album, the song is a step up for this talented young artist. Citing her numerous influences as Whitney Houston, Christiana Aguilera and Ciara, these can all be heard in Q.ra’s music but by adding new flavours to this she has discovered her own distinct sound.

The world should expect great things from Q.ra in the upcoming year. Setting out on a mission to be a “voice for the voiceless” – she wants to be able to reach out to people easily through her music. Through ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Q.ra certainly does that, discussing matters that will resonate with a wide audience.

Watch the video for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ here – http://youtu.be/NwhTi876yfE





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