Terrace Set to Release Debut Album ‘As Far As the Night Can See’

“When it comes to electro dance music, Terrace has proven once again that they are a band to look out for…” –Frost Click

“Another dreamy slice of electronic dance pop…”- Alex Hudson, Exclaim

Vancouver natives, Terrace prepare to release their debut full-length album ‘As Far as the Night Can See’.

Terrace set out with the simple ambition of playing pure dance music for the masses without pretention and without adhering to the short lived trends of the music scene. Taking inspiration from genres right across the board, Terrace’s main influences have been that of house, techno, Brit pop and ambient origin. ‘As Far as the Night Can See’ is a mesmerising combination of everything that’s influenced them over the years from the Smiths and Interpol to producers like Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson.

‘Ain’t’ is the debut single from the album, a mesmerizing combination of indie-style vocals, pop-style synth, catchy beats and an all round dance vibe, ‘Ain’t’ is a dance-inducing slice of dance-pop perfection. After playing venues such as the Avenue Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver Electric Owl and Canadian Music Week, Terrace are ready to break the worldwide dance-pop mould and ‘As Far as the Night Can See’ is sure to get them there.

Second single ‘Kane Garden Bay’ will be released with the album, July 2013

Watch the video for the first single from the album ‘Ain’t’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShlFkD34qy0




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