Urban Duo DaddysGirls Announce New Single ‘That’s Why Raving’s Long’

Ravings_Long_1.2Marking their latest single from the 2012 mixtape Chapter 2, ‘That’s Why Raving’s Long’ is the infectious new song from the promising female rap duo DaddysGirls.

Since their debut release in 2010, DaddysGirls have gone on to build a loyal and passionate following. Formed of twin sisters Missi and Melo, the North London pair has developed a distinct sound which has garnered them a significant fanbase. Invoking elements of R&B, hip-hop and dubstep, the group has created a melodic sound fitting for both mainstream and urban markets.

The success of the group’s second mixtape Chapter 2 cemented the duo as ones to watch out for. Gaining some significant coverage and a brilliant reception, DaddysGirls went on to tour a number of prestigious London venues. Stirring interest from some top industry names, DaddysGirls saw their music featured on the online series Venus Versus Mars and Brothers With No Game, as well as among the soundtrack for the short film Illegal Activity, directed by Sebastian Thiel.

Having unveiled a string of successful singles off the mixtape, ‘That’s Why Raving’s Long’ marks the group’s latest output. Showcasing their brand of ‘cheeky, contagious’ hip-hop, the single demonstrates their intelligent lyrics and melodic capabilities. Grouped with a solid, dance worthy beat, the refreshing track shows the act are not limited in their musical output. The accompanying video is a tribute to the track’s subject. Joining forces with Diverse Voices and Nang TV to deliver this, the duo’s frank and comedic take on the clubbing experience rubbishes the glamorous, champagne-popping imagery that is all too familiar in popular club videos. From the long entrance queues to the overpriced drinks, this catchy hip-hop smash is guaranteed to resonate with audiences across the globe.

‘That’s Why Raving’s Long’ is available to download now.





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