Lizard Inc to release his debut single ‘Big Lizard’ on 20th May 2013


Once in a while there comes along a song that is so different to everything else that is out there, that is so quirky and so clever, that once heard you cannot get the song out of your head!

‘Big Lizard’ by Lizard Inc is just one of those songs.

From the opening notes you are dragged into a world of pure musical joy.  People often ask why there aren’t any songs around that are different from the norm.  Well, those people need to find this track.

Lizard Inc is North West based travelling trubadour Stewart Stevenson.  Hailing from the industrial town of Halifax, Stewart has travelled the world singing and performing for his supper.  But now he is back and ready to blow your mind with his unique repertoire.  ‘Big Lizard’ is Stewart’s first release under his new moniker ‘Lizard Inc’.

Available to download on all major platforms from 20th May.  ‘Big Lizard’ will be putting a smile on your faces throughout the Summer!

Just checking out the video will gladden the heart.

‘Big Lizard’ Video on YouTube



For interview requests, live sessions, more information, MP3 requests, please contact Ellis on or call the office on 01422 399430.


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