Bastard Jet, self titled EP review – Out Now with Endless Bummer Records

Bastard Jet is the solo project of Boston musician Nick Diminico (Panic Candy, Hope Lane Is A Dead End). Enjoying the freedom that comes with going it alone, Diminico has created a bombastic metalcore album that packs a genuine punch.

Bastard Jet

Standing at 7 tracks, this is arguably more of a mini-album than an EP, and with each having its own reason for recommendation it’s a remarkably consistent effort. As a full release the tracks tie together well so it’s tough to pick out particular highlights amongst the rasping vocals, the distortion laden guitars and relentless drum pounding. The unnatural rhythms of ‘The Old Nova Suit’ opening are well worth a mention, linking complex lines across the instrumental side of the band before driving into the vocal.


Overall, this is well worth your time. Standing at just over 20 minutes of face melting sound, Bastard Jet is a decent debut for Diminico. Let’s hope he continues to explore his own writing in future.


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