Paul M To Release New Single ‘Light up the World’

‘Light up the World’ is the inspirational new single from multi-talented musician and producer Paul Manners.

Since the age of 6 Paul has followed his musical aspirations with a huge amount of dedication. From studying music at school, Paul then went on to read for a degree in Music Technology at the Thames Valley University. After graduating, Paul continued in the pursuit of his dreams, trying out for shows such as X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, whilst also developing his name as an acclaimed DJ. This has since seen him play DJ sets for the London Welsh and New Zealand Rugby teams, as well as mixes at club Tiger Tiger, Café De Paris and numerous private parties.

Combining his talents in ‘Light Up The World’, Paul’s musical knowledge and experience shows through. Speaking about his inspirations behind the track Paul stated: “I thought of the world being united and people always supporting each other with complete respect for personality, respect and culture.”

An emotive yet uplifting track, ‘Light Up The World’ demonstrates Paul’s motivating lyrics and delicate voice, whilst also showing his talents as a producer. Certainly, the backing track forms a perfect accompaniment to Paul’s vocals.  The progressive piano chords, strings and cultured drum beat fit neatly with the subject and vocals.

Already a popular name on Twitter, Paul M boasts over 552,000 followers and some 16,000 views on YouTube. ‘Light Up The World’ will certainly set Paul M on the road to success.

The single will be released March 4th.


TWITTER: @paulm_official




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