South Coast alt-rock 4 piece Emperor The Stag release EP ‘Speedwell Drive’

For fans of Elbow/Doves/The Smiths – Debut EP ‘Speedwell Drive’ is out now, with a follow up on the way

emperor the stag speedwell drive

The Speedwell Drive sessions were dedicated to the concept of getting carried away. The EP was carefully threaded together in local basements, Webb’s loft room and Joel Roberts’ bedroom over a difficult summer. Towards the latter end of the process, Speirs lost his dad and one of his best mates to altitude sickness on the Inca trail (Adam Savoury, also a friend of Webb’s) within a month. The band fought on and in tribute to Adam they reworked and released a demo titled ‘Live the Years’, which raised money to support a charity founded by his parents.


The new Emperor the Stag EP, ‘Speedwell Drive’ is out now through Stop Thinking Records.


In 2013, a full length release is on the cards for Emperor the Stag. In the meantime, for a taster of the ‘Speedwell Drive EP’, you can watch a DIY video of key track ‘Red Admiral’s Daughter’ (

Emp the stag lineup


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