TJ Bilham To Release Debut Mixtape ‘Illusion’

Glasgow based singer/songwriter TJ Bilham may appear to be your everyday 20-something, sharing a drink with his uni mates, chatting about the trials and tribulations of his love life & forever skipping his turn to do the dishes! Yet behind all this is a hugely talented singer & songwriter who is bold enough to put all his life experiences to song. Whilst some may have forgotten the shift and difficulties from becoming student to adult, TJ is living it, documenting it & crafting it into some impressive sounds.

TJ began playing guitar & piano aged 9 where his love of songwriting and performing began. Taking any opportunity to get his music heard, once TJ hit his late teens his hard work paid off and he was discovered by music producer John McLaughlin, behind acts as diverse as Sandi Thom, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lawson & Busted. This led to Tom Jones taking notice and asking TJ to support him in the summer of 2012, an experience TJ will never forget.

Continually gigging and developing his sound TJ is now ready to showcase his music. Releasing a trilogy of mixtapes entitled ‘Illusion’, the first part will be available on 21st December – the reported end of the world date.  A phenomenon which TJ has been following closely for a number of years, he felt it perfect timing to release his music on this date.

Music videos have been created for each track on the mixtape and will be dropping continually across the trilogy. Leading with a seminal cover of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Save The World’ this showcases TJ’s major vocal ability & musical talents. Part one of the mixtape also features ‘Spaceman’ sampling the 90’s dance/rock classic from Babylon Zoo, a unique live mash up of tracks which have inspired TJ musically & a unique take on Disclosure’s breakthrough track ‘Latch’.

‘Illusion’ part one offers an exciting insight into TJ as an artist and will be launched on December 21st via a live U-Stream of performances and end of world party.


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