Introducing….new electro anti pop from Our Ghosts

Debut album ‘A Brand New Mouth Full of Razorsharp Teeth’ out now for donation based download at

 Physical release – Pre-order now, out Dec 18th

 Our Ghosts

Our Ghosts is the alter ego of Boston based independent musician James Gray. Creating what he terms ‘pop music for those who are tired of pop music’, his tracks are an effective blend of electronica and vocal, a digital soundscape at once unique and familiar.

Lead single ‘Lorazepam’ can be heard/seen here:

Album ‘A Brand New Mouth Full of Razorsharp Teeth’ is out now on bandcamp, with physical releases due for pre-order now. All physical copies (both CD and 100 limited edition cassettes) will be handmade!

It’s been a varied route to this solo debut for Gray. Born and raised on a farm near the US/Canadian border, he began playing folk from a young age before moving ito punk rock with a few different bands. Still a member of the hardcore scene with band ‘The Betty White Slam! Dance’ (album forthcoming), this album sees Our Ghosts explore a different creative side of music writing.

An innovative alternative to contemporary electronic pop, Our Ghosts flips convention on its head without reverting to the inaccessible. Find out more at


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