Jay Thackery To Release New Single ‘Sticks and Stones’

The eagerly awaited new single ‘Sticks & Stones’ is a stunning piece of raw emotion placed perfectly into a pop song.  If you enjoy pop songs that have something to say then this song could touch your soul and stir emotions.  The single is accompanied by a touching video that completes this rather impressive package from such a young talent.

Just 19 years old, Jay Thackery comes from Lancashire and his voice has been compared to Darren Hays (Savage Garden) and Brian Molko (Placebo).  It is rare to hear such an intensity of emotion in one so young, but you can tell from the lyrics that Jay has already experienced a life’s time of experiences.  He has poured his heart out into his music and particularly this song.

Those people who like their music to be passionate and to lay bare the writer or singer’s experiences are in for a treat.  This is great music that can stir emotions.  As a writer and performer Jay Thackery deserves your attention as he certainly has something to say.

‘Sticks and Stones’ will be available from 11th November 2012.



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