F.O.O.S. To Release Debut Album ‘Showcase’ On 13th November

Italian duo F.O.O.S. formed back in 2010 with the specific intent to develop a hybrid genre of rock with strong electronic elements. In such a short space of time, the band, comprised of members Simone and Fabrizio, have managed to develop a unique sound which has generated significant interest.

Having begun the project in Italy, F.O.O.S. decided to move to the UK in 2011 to record their first EP, ‘Love In The 21st Century’. The release of this EP helped establish the band within the English underground scene and allowed the duo to embark upon a promotional tour. Following the success of this tour, the band were later led back to their homeland only to be crowned National Champions of the international music contest, Emergenza Festival. The final of this saw the band perform a stunning set at the Taubertal Open Air Festival in Rothenburg, Germany. A number of other gigs and festivals were played in the same year, further establishing this exciting and forward-thinking group.

After a year of intense live activity and stylistic evolution, F.O.O.S. took to the studio in April 2012 to record their debut album ‘Showcase’. Accompanied by a haunting promotional video, a clip taken from lead single ‘The Monster’, the much anticipated album is set for release on November 13th through TDMC Records. The mentioned single sets much of the tone for the record, highlighting the bands highly developed, self-dubbed, ‘electrock’ sound. As the name suggests, this entails a combination of recognisable heavy rock elements with the potential of electronic music, such as melodic synthesisers and effected vocals. The cross-genre sound of ‘Showcase’ is a huge step forward for this flourishing band and is set to put them firmly on the musical map.






For more information please contact Poppy Ballard on publicity5@quitegreat.co.uk/ 01223 844440. 


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