The Humans – It’s Only Make Believe – 12th November

The Humans are releasing their new album, It’s Only Make Believe on 12th November. The albums follows on from the success of its predecessors, Songs From The Empty Field and Sunsets During Wartime.

Fronted by identical twin brothers Dan and David, the dream pop band offers their take on the still strong psychedelic movement.  With large influences from bands such as The Stone Roses for the recoding of this album, it is never short of stimulating hooks and melodies.

After experiencing busking from state to state to touring the US, The Humans are always looking for ways to make their music personal to their fans.  Lead single Escape The Day is a great start to the captivating imagery flowing through the album.  The track represents the freedom that is available to anyone to break free from their life and live a much more harmonious one.

It’s Only Make Believe is available on 12th November 2012


The Humans


For any interviews or media requests please contact Ellis Wayman on or 01422 399430


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