LIZETTE ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Released 13th November

‘Inspired by old school techno, electronica and eurodance….with a very deep and spiritual message’

Introducing Swedish born artist, singer, producer and DJ Lizette with the release of her debut single ‘Wheel of Fortune’.  This eclectic mix and vibrant sounds make Lizette Lizette the newest and most fashionable dance act about to hit the stage…so London watch out!!

The stunning singer Lizette has been producing and writing all her own material since graduating. ‘I’m designing my own band and my own music’. She describes herself as incredibly spiritual and spent a long time working to develop her own unique sound.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ is inspired by old school techno, electronica, acid house and eurodance, mixed together with very deep and spiritual messages. Her vision for the single is to inspire people to follow their dreams and take their chances while they can, instead of following the crowd and living their lives solely to please others.

Before becoming a solo artist, Lizette was the singer in Andy A’s new music project ‘The New Heaven Dieppe’.  After learning a lot from the music industry she decided to pursue her solo career. During this time people started to request her to DJ, and she is now known as ‘Stockholm’s 90’s DJ.

Lizette’s first performance as a solo artist in her hometown of Stockholm was supporting British artist/rapper Example as part of his European Tour. After that she continued to play all over Stockholm’s best clubs, and by chance she even got to perform in front of Lenny Kravitz at the club F12. She is also close friends and neighbours with Swedish band Niki & the Dove who are hugely supportive of Lizettes musical talents.


Facebook page:




For more information please contact Poppy Ballard / / 01223 844440


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