Pilgrim Angry release ‘Out Of The Blue’ Available Now

Combining influences from the roots of both rock and classical music, Pilgrim Angry have produced their debut album, ‘Out Of The Blue.’

Pilgrim Angry are singer/songwriter Mark Smith,  musician/composer Ian Livingstone and singer/songwriter Grace Taylor.  Backed by a live string quartet they are becoming well known for their ‘electrifying’ live performances.

The classical arrangements of the album compliment the dark undertones, perfectly representing the contradictive name of the band, ‘Pilgrim Angry.’

Mark Smith’s goal to create a work out of art that includes the smells and sights of nature with diverse emotions and energy has been exceptionally achieved.


The grandiose operatic intro to opening track ‘Tell me the Truth’ lays down a marker of what is to come.  The superb emotional vocals of Mark Smith are reminiscent of Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis.  The album will appeal to fans of grown up music.  Taking the best parts of Prog-Rock, Synth-Pop and Radiohead-esque power, Pilgrim Angry have created an album that will endure for a long time.


‘Out Of The Blue’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and in HMV stores







For any interviews or media requests please contact Ellis on north1@quitegreatmusicpr.co.uk or 01422 399430


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